2024 Release Notes


  • New features
    • View Metrics (Beta): We are excited to introduce our new "View Metrics" feature. With this feature, you can:
      • Track Document Views: Monitor the number of views per document, allowing you to understand the reach and engagement of your content.
      • Topic Views: Analyze views by topics, helping you identify which subjects are resonating most with your audience.
      • Data Visualization: View your metrics in an easy-to-understand chart format for quick insights.
      • Top Countries: Check the top countries where your documents are being viewed, providing valuable geographic insights.
      • Top Topics: Identify your most popular topics to tailor your content strategy effectively.
  • Improvement
    • We've given the Table of Contents a serious upgrade! Now you can effortlessly zip through your topics, and interact with your content seamlessly. 
  • Bug Fix
    • Sonat has successfully resolved an issue with the AI Engine Model Selection.


  • New features
    • AI Engine Model Selection: You asked, and we love to deliver:
      We've expanded our AI capabilities with the introduction of selectable AI engine models, tailored to meet your specific needs:
      • GPT-4o: Experience the cutting-edge with our most advanced model, ideal for complex analysis and in-depth decision-making.
      • GPT-3.5: Enjoy efficient processing with a model that combines speed with performance, perfect for a variety of tasks.
  • Improvement
    • Sonat improved the org switch process. Our optimization efforts ensure that switching between organizations is now faster and more efficient than ever.
  • Bug Fix
    • Sonat fixed the SaaS Assistant icon issue.


  • New features
    • Organization Switch Dropdown Menu: Sonat implemented a new dropdown menu for switching between organizations. This feature is designed to enhance organizational structure within the platform. The dropdown menu simplifies navigation and improves the organizational order, making it straightforward for users to operate within multiple Orgs efficiently.
  • Improvement
    • Pasting content from Google Docs: Thanks to improvements in the copy-paste feature from Google Docs, you can now easily copy and paste a Google Docs document into your topic while preserving its original structure and formatting.
    • Pasting content from Microsoft Office: Paste from Office features let you paste content from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and preserve its original structure and formatting.
  • Bug Fix
    • Insert Topic Link Issue: Sonat fixed the Insert Topic Link issue.
    • Document Switch Error: Sonat has resolved an issue that prevented users from switching between different documents within an open one.
    • PDF Download Problem: Sonat fixed a problem related to PDF downloads, enhancing the reliability and accessibility of document exports.


  • New features
    • Variables: With Sonat's Easy-Access Variables, you can now save the variables you use often and then insert them into your projects with just a click. It's like having a personalized toolbox where you keep your most-needed tools handy for any job. No more remembering or retyping; just save once and use them quickly whenever you need.
  • Improvement
    • Sonat has significantly improved the component editing process! This upgrade means you can adjust your components with ease, making the entire process more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Bug Fix
    • Sonat has successfully resolved an issue with the table of contents in our tutorial theme.


  • New features
    • Customizable Navigation Bar: Sonat has introduced a new feature that allows users to choose to hide or show the navigation bar menu.
    • Customizable Share Button Visibility: Sonat has introduced an option that allows you to choose the visibility of the share button. This update gives you more control over your browsing experience, ensuring that our website feels more personalized and tailored to your needs.
    • Sonat rolled out a new feature that puts you in control: the ability to choose the visibility of the AI answer generator.
  • Improvement
    • Sonat's Image Gallery is now super-speed for performance, offering you the most effortless browsing experience yet. Jump into our super-speed Image Gallery now and feel the thrill of instant access!