Empower end-users with accurate and fresh knowledge

Who we are

Sonat is a fully bootstrapped company based in beautiful San Diego, California. We work with the very best people at what they do but the best aren’t always available on your doorstep. That’s why most of the team, work remotely.

San Diego

Sonat is a multicultural company. We embrace diversity as a source of innovation and creativity. We are laser-focused on creating the best product experiences and helping others do the same.

The why behind Sonat

As a user, accessing the right info about the product is usually disappointing. When we have a question or problem we have to go through lots of content and in the end, most of the time, we just contact the support team to find the answer.

As a product team, we always struggle to create the right content at the right time for a product version, model, variant, or release. It needs a lot of collaboration between the product team, technical team, technical writers, marketing, and translators.

We’re setting out to change that.

With years of experience in creating cloud solutions, our goal is to provide a simple and yet powerful tool to simplify knowledge creation around products and fix the broken feedback loop directly on the content.

We create a continuous improvement process on top of the documents by involving end-users and getting direct feedback and suggestions from them.


The end result is:

  • Smooth process for technical writers, product team and marketing

  • Getting best out of translators

  • Reduce the load on the support team

And most importantly

  • Making the end-users happy