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AI Answer Generator

AI Answer Generator
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GPT Engine That Answers Any Question Through Existing Documents.

With the Sonat AI Answer Generator, you no longer need to spend hours searching for answers through endless documents; simply type your question, and within seconds, our AI will deliver precise, context-aware responses.

This technology understands your documents and adapts them as they evolve, ensuring you always have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to seamless efficiency – the future of document navigation is here, and it speaks your language, fluently.

Simplify Your Document Experience with AI Answer Generator.

Build Your User Manuals in Minutes

Cloud Data Create your online manual

  • Write your user manual with a smart authoring and styling editor.
  • Enrich and structure your content.
  • Make sure your manuals meet all standards thanks to the automated quality check.

Creative Idea Collaborate with your team

Enjoy Sonat’s collaborative environment to get together with your team and:

  • Discuss everything, comment on each step
  • Define roles and access levels
  • Keep track of the progress
  • Supervise publishing

Development Publish anywhere

When things look good, publish your manual with a single click, and it will be accessible online instantly.

We’ll take care of the layout, and we’ll make sure it looks good on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Feedback Audients Improve continuously

Collect your users’ feedback and take it into consideration to improve your manual accordingly.

Actively involve your users in the content creation and update your guide regularly.

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What are your concerns about manuals

What is your concern?

Starting long before writing the first draft and going on after publishing, making a user manual is neither a one-step nor a one-person job. We realize how challenging writing any content would be.

But a user manual is much more than mere instructional content. It requires meeting numerous standards concerning different areas of expertise.

And we understand how it gets even more tricky when it comes to collaborating in writing it.

What do we provide?

Sonat is an all-in-one documentation tool that provides excellent solutions to writing and publishing challenges for creating professional and user friendly manuals. Sonat is more than a powerful editor for creating and structuring your rich content. It is an online manual authoring designed to accompany you during this journey from a to z.

It addresses all your concerns for creating high-quality manuals (rich content, structure, readability, SEO) in an efficiently collaborative environment where you can get experts from different domains together for publishing your best work.

What we provide

Trusted by the world’s best companies

Top Features

Easy to use cloud platform for your technical writing needs


Our smart translation machine makes it easier for you to reach out to a broader circle of users worldwide. You can have as many languages as you need, and we help you make sure every single topic is translated.

Auto translate your user guides
Private Manuals

Keep your unique resources or internal documentation exclusive and private by deciding who can access your published manuals. Restrict the access to special individuals and staff of an organization, or broaden it to anybody with the link.


Publishing updates to improve your manuals are most effective when they’re built upon users’ feedback. This is why we’ve arranged it to be quite simple to collect feedback from your users and publish your updated versions in one click.

improve continuously by feedbacks
Custom Branding

Give your documentation your very own style by defining themes and colors. Add your branding elements to reflect your unique identity in all of your documents.


Collaborative writing couldn’t be easier. Define approval processes and workflows, assign roles, leave comments, get notified of every change, and supervise the process by creating publish requests.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We measure your content SEO metrics and help you improve the quality of your content. We use sitemaps, CDN, and other technologies to make sure your content will get the highest possible rank in the search engines.

SEO optimized user manuals
Readability Guide

Sonat is equipped with a readability analyzer that measures your content readability metrics and lets you know how you can make your guide much more readable for your target audience.

Readability analyzing
Various Templates
  • Minimize writers’ block thanks to the variety of templates with examples and boilerplate
  • Cut down on the structuring time using templates’ preset formatting
  • Reduce research time using the explanations, instructions, and headings provided in specialized

Integrate with your favorite tools.
About Sonat

We innovate what you’re looking for

We have discovered how companies and individuals struggle to create and update manuals for their products. It is always challenging to collaborate and agree on the content.

We established Sonat to create a tool to simplify writing and publishing.

The other problems we have solved are managing the publishing process, keeping track of the changes, correlating the content with the suitable version/variant of the product, and making it accessible to the end-users.

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Menu builder


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AI Answer Generator

Unlimited variant

Unlimited manuals

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5 GB Storage

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AI Answer Generator with GPT-4

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Custom workflow

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What our client say about us

Web Developer @AquariusIT

Aquarius has had a reputation for excellence since its inception in 2005 and continuously developed the software solution, known as ‘ClockWatcher’, for the road transport industry.
I signed up for Sonat’s service and I’m really impressed. I think it is the perfect tool to achieve what we want.

Neil Chetwynd

Neil Chetwynd

Sales Manager @PiraSys IT Managed Services

Sonat gave our technical and marketing teams a great space to work along for writing user documentation. We especially enjoyed its easy integration with other useful tools, which makes it a cool all-in-one documentation tool.

Iman Adham

Iman Adham

Marketing Manager @Accutech

You guys made it all so simple. It’s a nice place to write anything, especially when it comes to SEO content. What I like the most about Sonat is that despite its many great features, you never get trapped in a messy overcrowded editor since everything is just so neatly in its place.

Ellie Hosseinpour

Ellie Hosseinpour

Release Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need technical knowledge to create a manual?

No, you don’t. Sonat is designed to be simple and straightforward, so users can focus on creating and sharing their manual without worrying about technical details.

Am I limited to creating only product manuals?

No, there is no restriction on the type of document that can be created using sonat. You have the flexibility to create various documents, including but not limited to product manuals, internal knowledge base, software/SaaS help, articles, internal procedures and processes, and even blog posts.

Is it possible to embed the manual on my website?

Yes, your document could easily be bound to a subdomain under your website. For example:

Are there any pre-designed templates available on sonat?

Yes, sonat offers various templates to minimize writer’s block and reduce research time. The templates come with examples, boilerplate, and preset formatting and include explanations, instructions, and headings. To access our collection of free templates click here.

Is it possible to get feedback from visitors regarding the document created on sonat?

Yes, receiving feedback is a crucial aspect of an online document, as it allows for continuous improvement and ensures that the content meets the needs and expectations of those who use it. With sonat, you can easily gather feedback from your audience and make the necessary adjustments to the user manual, providing a better user experience.

Check out our comprehensive Q&A page here.

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