Nice and clean docs for Products, FAQs, User Guides, ...



Write your user manual with a smart authoring and styling editor. Format your text and paragraphs by choosing fonts, images, headers and much more. Access and edit the user guides wherever you go from your phone, tablet, or computer.



Modern documentation tool to create and manage online user manuals, user guides, knowledge bases, instructions, and tutorials.



When things look good, Publish your manual with a single click and it will be accessible online instantly. We’ll take care of the layout and we make sure it looks good on desktops, tablets and phones.


Easy to use cloud platform for your technical writing needs


Manage Languages

Creating an online user manual in different languages can’t be easier. We help you to make sure every single topic is translated. You can have as many languages as you need.


Manage Versions

Create multiple versions or variants of documents for a single product.


Custom Branding

Define theme color and logo for every single manual.


Responsive User Interface

We make sure that your documents look good in any device such as a mobile, tablet or laptop.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use sitemap, CDN and other technologies to make sure your content will get the highest possible rank in the search engines.


No Ads

We don’t display ads or any extra info even in the free plan to keep the focus of the readers on your content.

Customizable look and feel

Easily customize the look and feel of your manual with your own colors and logos.

Choose Color

Collect statistical data from the readers

Google Analytics integration lets you evaluate the performance of each manual and topic. You can find out what users read and what they like.


User feedback

You enable feedback on every document and topic. This information will help you continuously improve your user documentation and make it more efficient.


Fast and reliable content delivery with global scale and reach.

We deploy your content all over the world to be optimized for the last-mile performance. Our partner CDN has edge caches peered with nearly every major end-user ISP globally.

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Integrations With Your Favorite Tools

Sonat integrates seamlessly with popular tools.


Choose a better way to manage your online manuals.

Sonat is a very simple, very easy and yet super powerful tool for technical writers.