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Use our Services to create your online manual

You know the benefits of an online manual!

There are many reasons to outsource your manual creation/migration to a professional team. You can focus on your core business activities while a team provides this service to you.

We are here to help you. Here you can see our services headlines:

  • Writing manuals
  • Migration of your existing manual to our online platform
  • Writing/Editing manual based on international standards like EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1-2019
  • Manual translation service
  • SEO and Readability optimization
  • Designing approval process for document publications

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Free for open source and nonprofits around the world

Great missions deserve great technology. Our Open Source and Nonprofit Program is one way we work toward that vision. We provide free Online Manual Creator for nonprofit organizations and Open Source projects

Full comparison of features

Feature Free Business Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Workflow and Review
Commenting Comment on every topic and publish request to discuss your ideas.
Publish request Create publish requests to have your documents reviewed and double checked before publishing.
Optional approval Ask for others’ approvals before publishing your documents.
Custom workflow designer Automate your custom workflows with parallel and sequential steps including automatic and user-based rules.
Permissions & Access Management
Role-Based Permissions Define roles for your team members and adjust their access levels accordingly.
SAML Enjoy a simple and secure authentication process.
Company logo Maintain your business branding by adding your logo to all your documents.
Document logo Add document icons to visually classify your documents and their themes.
Favicon Add favicon to reflect your company’s identity and help your users find you more easily among many open browser tabs, history, bookmarks, etc.
Custom Domain Host your documents on your custom domain.
Completely white labeled Completely rebrand and reflect your company’s identity using your logo, icons, themes, colors, fonts, etc.
Multilingual user manuals Add up to 184 languages to a single document without creating new ones.
Machine Translation Enjoy a powerful smart translation machine to simply deliver your guide in several languages.
Unlimited publish changes Check and restore the published versions of your manuals any time.
Recent draft changes Check or restore your previous versions using the unlimited version history.
Unlimited draft changes Keep an unlimited archive of all your drafts.
Priority Support Receive quick support and response to your issues prior to others.
Dedicated Customer Success Manage Make sure your customers’ needs are addressed through a smooth and effective relationship built by dedicated customer success managers.
Viewer feedback Simply activate feedback option on your topics to engage your readers.
Search Engine Quickly find what you’re looking for in all document portal or other entities using a powerful full-text search engine.
User manual templates Save time by using well-organized templates that specifically match your products.
Private manual Restrict access to your valuable resources to specific people.

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